Why Advanced Concepts?

Advanced concepts teaching

  • Encourages the recognition of individualism among students.
  • Exposes students to advanced subject material traditionally considered out of reach for them.
  • Provides a plan to develop better parent-teacher partnerships
  • Guides teachers on how to partner with local professionals and take advantage of community resources.

A New Generation of Students

  • Invites students to not only establish learning goals each school year but helps them establish long term goals.
  • Students are happy, engaged, and excited to come to school every day!
  • The traditional classroom becomes a cooperative community of students.
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Reaching High

"Let's make positive change in education by giving students our best. When we give them our best, we get their best in return!"

- Mrs. Amie Canter

A New class of teachers

  • Redefines what it means to be a teacher.
  • Encourages teachers to further develop their personal strengths while incorporating student interests.
  • Provides better ways to identify and manage "at risk" students.
  • Guides teachers on how to further strengthen each student's best qualities.