What Teachers are saying about Accelerated Teacher Trainings

"Thank you for the class! I found the class both enjoyable and productive. Since student engagement is essential, your idea of asking the students is spot on..."

-Vicky Deatherage, 4th Grade Teacher

"This training was very helpful. I have learned a lot. I am eager to learn more. Thank you for being excited about education and wanting to make a difference. Again, I have learned so much and I will definitely take what I learned and use it in my classroom."

-Jessica Gilbert, Kindergarten Teacher

"I think your training was spectacular! There was a great balance of you explaining and use talking/collaborating. Thanks for the invite and inspiration."

-Brianna Wilson, 2nd Grade Teacher

"Thank you, Amie! This was a great experience. I enjoyed all your ideas on challenging and introducing Advanced Concepts in the classroom. Would love more ideas on organizing and implementing my concept and will purchase your book to learn more."

-Private School Teacher