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Below is a link to my newest book, "Advanced Concepts for a Better Future: A Guide to Building an Accelerated Classroom". My original white papers to address several challenges teachers are facing today is listed here as well.

As an educator working for change, I will continue to advocate for students and teachers for a Better Future.

Advanced Concepts for a better future:

A guide to building an accelerated classroom

Click below to access a PDF copy of my latest book that provides an introduction into the philosophy behind Advanced Concepts for a Better Future!

Published White Papers

Advanced Concepts for a Better Future

This paper will change how you define the word teacher and open your mind to a new method of delivering curriculum and instruction. Learn how to first establish a successful classroom, understand students as individual learners, develop positive partnerships with parents, and strengthen “at risk” students. Then you will be introduced to ways you can build your own accelerated classroom that will create happy, engaged, and goal oriented students through the use of Advanced Concepts.

States United in Education

Here you will learn positive methods with identifying, engaging, and strengthening students considered “at risk” of not meet grade level proficiency. A model is included on how to best manage at risk students and further explanation is given on how this will not only support your ability to successfully maintain interventions and goals, but it will also help you develop a support system with your school and parents. Recommendations on how we can improve our current system of managing at risk students by developing an electronic reporting system that can be utilized by all teachers is discussed in detail.

Real Life Teaching for real life students

Reawaken your identity as a teacher by digging deep into the three goals that we as teachers have been directed to strive for. Understand how these goals affect your instructional methods and learn how you can make positive change in education. Learn about a rule to teach by, know your students as individuals and create an environment based on their personal needs, and see how this will guide you when building an accelerated classroom with happy and engaged students. 

How to Break Free

Take a look at how you can challenge the daily norm established for our elementary school classrooms and see how you can break free from what binds us to what no longer meets the needs of today's generation of students.