The Merit School of

Prince William

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Advanced Concepts

2019-2020 School year

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Mrs. Barbara Phillips (Kindergarten) 

Advanced Concept: "Fine and Performing Arts”

Kindergartners will participate in an engaging and immersive environment as they become leaders in art, music, and theater. Students will study our dynamic and diverse world of art through hands-on experiences, in collaboration with the community around us. Students will participate in a variety of in-class and field trip opportunities that will expand their creative thinking process. While building upon prior knowledge of music, dance, and drama, students will demonstrate developed skills through a variety of mediums. With so many open hearts and minds, it sure to be a memorable year.

Mrs. Joanne Robertson (1st/2nd Grade)

Advanced Concept: "Healthy Me, Healthy Planet”

What makes a human healthy? Students will have the opportunity to examine this question while broadening their understanding of the human body, nutrition, exercise, and the importance of regular check-ups. Through partnerships with community professionals, students will meet a variety of medical experts and learn the importance of healthy habits. Looking beyond themselves, students will empathize with impoverished children and research how they can make a positive impact locally. In addition, students will take a closer look at which environmental factors impact their health and the health of the planet. Each quarter, students will select a community service project geared towards building a healthier community or planet.

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Ms. Karen Smithson (3rd/4th Grade)

Advanced Concept: “A Walk Through History”

We live in a historically rich area that whispers the stories of the past. This year, our class will embark on a journey through time and see how the footprints of the past have paved the way to the present. Students will examine key events throughout history, visit some of the most historical sites in our area, and take a microscope to many influential leaders that have made America what it is today.