The Merit School of Stafford

Accelerated Teachers

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Mrs. Amie Canter (3rd Grade)

My current Advanced Concept is "Global Studies". I plan to introduce my students to the culture, language, art, and cuisine of countries around the world. Through various hands on art and culinary activities in class, the study of culture, myths, and religions, as well as many educational adventures beyond the classroom, my students will be fully immersed in the world around them.  

Mrs. Leah Ross (Kindergarten)

In Kindergarten, the Advanced Concept theme is Earth Science.  Throughout the year, there are 4 main (STEM) areas of study:  Space/Robotics, Walls, Bridges, and Weather/Pollination.  With these areas of study, we read a lot of books, have a lot of discussions, do a variety of STEM projects, and go on fun field trips that enhance the whole learning experience.  Students will learn the design process, make blueprints, create, fail, rebuild, use their imaginations, and develop the problem solving skills to become engineers. 

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Mrs. Michelle Goodwin (Kindergarten)

Kindergarten builds on the natural learning process of children and incorporates teaching methods that recognize and respects the way children learn best. Through exploration, and consistent, meaningful interaction with their teacher, your child will construct a deeper and more meaningful understanding of his or her world and how it exists and works.

Kindergarten gives your child the confidence to take ownership of their ideas and give them three-dimensional form. Your student will explore with different materials; developing hands-on knowledge of his or her unique qualities and properties, then challenged to solve a problem using them.


Mrs. Corinthia Albritton (1st Grade)

I’m excited to share with you that our Advanced Concept theme for 1st grade is Environmental Sciences.  We will be learning about various ecosystems, discovering how all things, living and nonliving, share the environment and how they affect each other.  We will study forestry, geology, entomology, and zoology with many hands-on activities and field trips to parks, nature trails, caverns, aquariums, and museums. This will give your child the opportunity to experience the wonderful world around them.

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Mrs. Nichola Swanson (2nd Grade)

As the 2nd grade teacher, my Advanced Concept is "Medicine & Advanced Sciences." I will be introducing my students to the complex systems of the human body, medicine, and various medical professions. My students will make discoveries and find solutions through experiments, dissections, and group projects. I plan for my students to gain a deeper understanding of our Advanced Concept through community partnerships, engaging in hands on learning and taking a variety of field trips!


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Dr. Donella Scarboro (4th/5th Grade)

In addition to teaching the required subjects, I am happy to announce that during this school year, the 4th and 5th grade students will be learning and creating projects related to an Advanced Concept: “The Art of Communication in Spanish.” This concept will help your child enhance different language skills. “The Art of Communication in Spanish” will give each student opportunities that promote personal growth and self confidence.