The Merit School of Stafford

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Advanced Concepts

2019-2020 School Year!

Mrs. Leah Ross    Kindergarten- A

Mrs. Leah Ross

Kindergarten- A


Advanced Concept: “Animals and Their Habitats”

Join us as we discover animals and their habitats all around the world. Students will imagine grabbing their snow suits as they explore the artic, apply sunscreen as they trudge through the desert, spray on bug repellent before entering the rainforest, and will grab their scuba gear before diving deep into the ocean. Through several in class and field trip opportunities, students will better understand the importance of both living and nonliving things in a habitat. Students will also learn how animals and plants have adapted in order to thrive where they live. So bring your imagination, it’s sure to be a wild ride!

Mrs. Michelle Goodwin    Kindergarten- B

Mrs. Michelle Goodwin

Kindergarten- B

Mrs. Corinthia Albritton    1st Grade- A

Mrs. Corinthia Albritton

1st Grade- A

1st Grade

Advanced Concept: “Our World and Beyond”

Open your mind as we journey through time and space to discover the story of “us”. Our spaceship will guide us through the cosmos as we first take a view of the Earth 250 million years ago and then travel beyond our imaginations. As we leave Earth behind and transport ourselves through the solar system and beyond, students will gain a better understanding of Earth’s position and learn how our understanding of the universe has changed throughout time. Students will also highlight key scientist that have influenced our perspectives on the universe and enjoy several opportunities in our community to expand our in class lessons.

Mrs. Lynda Raynore    1st Grade- B

Mrs. Lynda Raynore

1st Grade- B

Ms. Lenora Mitchell

Ms. Lenora Mitchell

2nd Grade

Advanced Concept: Star Citizens

 Beginning in the Fall of 2019, students will transform into Star Citizens that are committed to making a positive impact on the world. Students will begin by learning self-responsibility and then will learn how to be a responsible citizen to our community, country, and the world.  Through volunteer work in the community, students will have the opportunity to empathize with the less fortunate and learn how they can make a difference. From helping to keep our community clean, learning how to repurpose recyclable goods, experiencing how we can support our local animal shelters, and opening their eyes to the needs of those around them, students will develop the ability to not only appreciate what they have but learn how they can share their prosperity to raise the community.

Mrs. Miling Washington

Mrs. Miling Washington

3rd Grade

Advanced Concept: "American History: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow!”

 Join us as we travel through time and analyze how the past has influenced the present and how what we do today will change tomorrow. Students will have the opportunity to magnify key events while examining how America’s economy, culture, technology, and international relations have changed over time. As we step through the years that define America as we know it, we will also highlight significant leaders throughout history that shifted our culture into what it is today.

Mrs. Donella Scarboro

Mrs. Donella Scarboro

4th and 5th Grade

Advanced Concept: Coming Soon!