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About mrs. canter

Attended "What’s Right in Education" Leadership Conference 2018 in Milwaukee! See video interview here:

Author Presenter and Workshop Presenter at the London International Conference on Education 2017!

Mrs. Canter is an elementary school administrator who is working to make a positive change in education. She believes that students deserve to be valued by their teachers as individuals who strive for personal goals. She also believes that teachers want to teach beyond the standards and should be encouraged to do so.

To build a happy, engaged, and goal orientated classroom, teachers should invite students to participate in the development of class learning goals. Exposing students to Advanced Concepts earlier in life will not only build accelerated learners, but it will build a new generation of students that strive for more.

Join me in my movement for change. Re-learn the basics of building a successful classroom and integrate Advanced Concepts into your current curriculum. Together we can make a positive change for a Better Future!